/ Nest On the Spot

Weekly course

During Nest on the Spot we engage in discussion about the works in the exhibition, work on assignments in different techniques on paper, do live drawing or go outside with a sketchbook. On the days there is no exhibition in Nest, we visit other initiatives, galleries and collectors in The Hague. The lessons are taught by visual artist Sarina Missot. Curious? Check the results on www.nestcursus.tumblr.com

€50 per month
single lesson €17,50

Course fee including materials, coffee and tea
The course is for beginner as well as advanced level, open to any age.
Would you like to come every week, then you can pay by month. Want to take a class only every now and then? You can pay as you go.

Join us? Mail for more information, a free introductory lesson or to sign up to sarina [at] nestruimte.nl