/ Proposals

Some shows at Nest have derived from external suggestions or proposals and we are always interested in new talent or suggestions for projects.

However, if you wish to send us plans or documentation, please keep in mind the following:

Send your proposal or documentation in pdf-format (optionally containing a link to a website) to info@nestruimte.nl. Physical documentation will not be returned. You will receive a confirmation if we have read your email.

If we are interested in your proposal we will react within a month. If after a month no reaction has been given we are not directly interested in your proposal. Nest is a small organisation and we lack the capacity to deal with every application on a personal level, so please bear in mind that we do not have the time to discuss proposals by phone or in person.

For a proposal the description of the project should be around half an A4 and also include a financial realisation and an idea of an organisational setup. Please keep in mind that we plan a year ahead at least, usually longer.