/ Could be


Thursday March 5, 20.00 - 00.00 h

One Nest Stand #20

Tobias Lengkeek
Max de Waard  
Rosemary Niehaus
Helena Frijns
Robin van der Heijden
Yulia Kharlamova
Lois Richard
Li Ma 
Jero Cornevin
Bauwien Ubbens

Could be is a One Nest Stand following The Damagomi Project by Floris Schönfeld. For Could be, ten students from the Royal Academy reflect on the neccessity and relevance of fiction and believe.

One Nest Stands are one-evening-exhibitions. 
Could be is only on view on March 5 between 20.00 en 00.00 h.

 The Element of Surprise, 2014

 Me, myself and I, 2013

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