/ Hijacking Karma #2

Opening Thursday December 4, 20.00 hour

One Nest Stand #19

Bonno van Doorn
Bob Eikelboom
Brendan Heshka
Anders Nordby
Just Quist
Daniël van Straalen
Ole Ukena

In Hijacking Karma #2 artist/curator Daniël van Straalen wonders if karma could result from making a work of art. Is it possible that an artwork becomes an object that has a positive or negative connotation? And what happens when an artist copies or reinterprets an artwork? Does karma stick, and is it possible to hijack karma?  HIjacking Karma is an exhibition about the roots of authenticity of art works and the frictions that comes with choices and their outcomes. 

One Nest Stands zijn tentoonstellingen van één avond.
Hijacking Karma #2 is alleen te zien op donderdag 4 december tussen 20.00 en 24.00 uur.

 Just Quist, Bob Eikelboom

 Ole Ukena, Anders Nordby 

 Bonno van Doorn, Just Quist

 Bonno van Doorn, Daniël van Straalen 

 Just Quist, Bob Eikelboom

 Daniël van Straalen

 Brendan Heshka