#15 – IT TAKES A VILLAGE – Project Wiaspora

nov 2020 | Richard Kofi

Welcome to the first English episode of our podcast Project Wiaspora, about the everydayness of art, heritage, spirituality and futurism. In this edition Richard Kofi meets with poet Dean Bowen, singer-songwriter Joya Mooi and artist Müge Yilmaz to speculate on possible futures. Quite early in the episode it comes to attention that all of our speculative futures are based on the ancient knowledge of our ancestors. Dean introduces a vision based on the Southern African concept of ubuntu. Müge’s sources of inspiration are findings at Göbekli Tepe in Turkey. Why is that? And what does it say about the times we’re living in and the contexts we find ourselves in? This conversation is inspired by the exhibit A Fair Share of Utopia in CBK Zuidoost in Amsterdam and Nest in The Hague. In this exhibit artists and authors are re-imagine the meaning of reincarnation, and discuss what they would change in the present to ensure a better future to one day return to.

This concept is based on this New York Times article written by civil rights lawyer and professor Michelle Alexander.

Listen to the episode here


This program is part of A Fair Share of Utopia



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