27 Jan 2021

Verwend Nest On Tour


Doe een keer per maand mee aan een leuke workshop op woensdagmiddag, speciaal voor Verwende Nesten.
We gaan eerst in de tentoonstelling kijken en daarna ga je zelf aan de slag.

11 Feb – 28 Mar 2021



In this exhibition, three artists explore the meaning of repetition, appreciation and appropriation. In seven rooms, designed for them by architect Donna van Milligen Bielke, they tell a layered story about friendship, artistic kinship and their autonomy within.

12 Feb 2021    20:00

Artists Talk

Artist Talk@Nest

On Friday February 12 we present an artists talk with Ana Navas, Evelyn Taocheng Wang and Mila Lanfermeijer hosted by curator Rieke Vos.

18 Feb 2021    20:00

Between the Lines


For the second edition of Between the Lines Ana Navas, Evelyn Taocheng Wang and Mila Lanfermeijer chose ‘This Little Art’ (2017) by writer and translator Kate Briggs.


16 Oct 2008

Rob Scholte


Rob Scholte explains, from the point of view of a copy artist pur sang, his ideas about the value of a copy as an art work.

12 Oct 2008

Samuel IJsseling / Ann van Sevenant


Samuel IJsseling is professor of contemporary philosophy at the University of Leuven.He is known as the living connection between the Dutch language area and the French Philosophers. Samuel IJsseling deals with the different ideas of and definities behind the ‘Mimesis; the qualifications of the idea, the copy, the being and the seeming. is a copy adding […]

5 Oct – 2 Nov 2008

Some things are | What they seem


Jan Adriaans Wafae Ahalouch el Keriasti  Gamal Ez Roderick Hietbrink  Joncquil de Vries Nadia Naveau Onno Poiesz A project based on the Art philosophical issue of the Mimesis; the idea that the artwork offers a possibility of creating a new reality by copying an old one.

21 May 2008

Wouter van Riessen


Is a painter, makes drawings and graphics, is a musician and a photographer. He does not consider his sel fportraits as a platform for his inner feelings but as a mirror that give him the possibility of identification. He pictures himself hidden behind a mask and make up or with the dominating company of hand […]

14 May 2008

K. Schippers


Author of  amongst others: Waar was je nou? (2005), De vliegende camera (2004) and Het witte schoolbord (1989) is a visual writer. An author with a strong connection with fine arts and photography. The Subject of ‘absence’ is a recurring theme in his work. As ‘a writer who watches’ K. Schippers was asked to give […]

3 May – 25 May 2008

Essentially Absent


Oliver Boberg  Margareth Doorduin Michiel Kluiters Katja Mater Gert Jan Kocken Krista van der Niet Wouter van Riessen Marleen Sleeuwits Curated by Eelco van der Lingen icw Margareth Doorduin Essentially Absent was based on ‘the absence of the subject’ or ‘the subject of absence’ within contemporary photography. Photography is originally a medium in which subjects are shown, […]

10 Dec 2007

Dick Mesland


Dick Mesland was space biologist and science researcher. During the lecture he gave an insight into the world as we see it and how it is totally alienated from us.

28 Nov 2007

Hans Aarsman


Is a writer and photographer. He started in linguistics but eventually became well known as a Dutch photographer through his series ‘Aarsmans Amsterdam’ and ‘Dutch scenes’. Besides photography he has written several novels and plays. He also writes a weekly column about press photos for the art department of the Volkskrant. During the lecture at […]

19 Nov 2007

Show and Tell


The participating artists organized a ‘show and tell’ presentation in a basic set-up in which they openly discussed their profession as an artist.

17 Nov – 14 Dec 2007

A Matter of Fact


Exhibition november 17 – December 14 2007 Frank Halmans Tijmen Hauer Annja Krautgrasser Eelco van der Lingen Josh Müller Lynn Pook Oscar Stegehuis Edd Vossen A Matter Of Fact is a collaborative project that explores the visual and textual dialogue of true reality.Through our sensory system, a common agreement of reality has been established as […]

1 Jan 1970

Workshop met Maja Bekan, zondag 27 november, 14:00 uur


Kom je buiten spelen? ´Wie niet weg is, is gezien´. Wat voor invloed heeft het spelen van verstoppertje op het alledaagse leven? Welke spelletjes buiten zijn achteraf nog van belang in het leven? Hoe is het om als volwassenen deze jeugdspelletjes weer te ervaren en wat voor een verbanden blijken er dan nog te zijn […]

1 Jan 1970

Verwend Nest, 16 november, 14 december en 18 januari


Verwend Nest Workshop voor kinderen van 6 tot 12 jaar Doe mee aan een leuke workshop op woensdagmiddag, speciaal voor Verwende Nesten. We gaan eerst in de tentoonstelling kijken en daarna ga je zelf aan de slag. woensdag 16 novembergroep 1: 13:30 – 15:00 uurgroep 2: 15.30 – 17.00 uur woensdag 14 decembergroep 1: 13:30 […]

1 Jan 1970

Workshop by Hans


for children aged 6-12 years. This workshop is especially for Verwend Nest. Not a member yet? Join your first Verwend Nest-workshop for free, to see if you like it.

1 Jan 1970

Verwend Nest


Nice workshop on Wednesday afternoon, especially for Verwende Nesten.

1 Jan 1970

Aaron Schuster in conversation with Robert Pfaller

Artist Talk@Nest

What games do we really play? – CANCELED Wat is de rol van spel in de maatschappij? Hoe functioneert spel binnen sociale relaties? Aaron Schuster gaat hierover het gesprek aan met Robert Pfaller, cultureel theoreticus en auteur van het boek On the Pleasure Principle in Culture. In dit boek onderzoekt Pfaller onze relatie met plezier, geloof en illusie […]


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