9 Sep – 6 Nov 2022

Non-Profit At All Cost


Non-Profit At All Cost is een gebundelde kracht van acht kunstenaars die samen met Farida Sedoc een verhaal uitdragen rondom solidariteit en hoe vormen van actie en protest bijdragen aan meer saamhorigheid.

14 Sep 2022    13:30

Verwend Nest


Join us once a month for a fun workshop on Wednesday afternoon, especially for Verwend Nesten.

23 Sep 2022    19:00

Hoogtij #70


A cultural tour along artists’ initiatives, galleries and art institutions. Hoogtij takes place four times a year on Friday evenings in the city centre of The Hague, from 19.00 – 23.00 hours.

30 Sep 2022    17:00

De Grote Culturele Netwerk Competitie


On Friday, September 30, ‘De Grote Culturele Netwerk Competitie’ (DGCNC) will take place for the second time in The Hague: the table football tournament for cultural institutions in The Hague.

8 Oct 2022    20:00



Make your own money at Nest in a workshop with artist Roxette Caprilles during Museum Night The Hague.

12 Oct 2022    13:30

Verwend Nest


Doe een keer per maand mee aan een leuke workshop op woensdagmiddag, speciaal voor Verwende Nesten.

26 Oct 2022    10:00

Verwend Nest – De Betovering


During the fall break, children ages 6-12 can participate in art workshops at Nest, on how to make something out of nothing.

2 Nov 2022    13:30

Verwend Nest


Join us once a month for a fun workshop on Wednesday afternoon, especially for Verwend Nesten.


26 Jun – 24 Jul 2010

Asian Invasion


Exhibition, June 26 – July 24 2010 Hikaru Miyakawa (JP) Hanae Utamura (JP) Yann Vanderme (FR) Takayuki Yamamoto (JP) Jessica de Boer (NL) Angeline Dekker (NL) Floris Kruidenberg (NL) Clara Palli Monguilod (ES) Magdalena Pilko (AT) Marisa Polin (MX) Artist/curator Hikaru Miyakawa has traveled with Japanse Artists Takayuki Yamamoto and Hanae Utamura to The Hague. […]

17 Jun 2010

Bregje van Woensel and Jeroen Jongeneel

Artist Talk@Nest

Curator Bregje van Woensel and artist Jeroen Jongeleen speak about the relation between creation and destruction in graffiti, and the need for the destruction of the status quo within society.

11 Jun 2010

Hug Haag


Introductie van de kunstenaars van Asian Invasion (with a hint of frenchness) tijdens een informele presentatie van hun werk.

6 May 2010

Ad van Denderen and Ronald Rijnders

Artist Talk@Nest

Destruction of, by and in the human being. Photojournalist Ad van Denderen will show how he is confronted with destruction through his photography. Psychiatrist Ronald Reijnders of the Pieter Baan Centre will speak about destructive human behaviour.

1 May – 20 Jun 2010

Appetite for Destruction


Exhibition, May 1 – June 20 2010 Gert Jan Kocken (NL) Ujin Lee and Tom Edwards (Aus) Zeger Reyers (NL) David Rickard (UK) Keiko Sato (NL/JPN) Kris Vleeschouwer (BE) Bram Vreven (NL/BE) Aeneas Wilder (JPN/UK) Curated by Eelco van der Lingen icw Bram Vreven Appetite for Destruction looks at the positive use of destruction. Ripping, crushing, splitting […]

1 May – 20 Jun 2010

Scherven brengen geluk


Bij de tentoonstelling Appetite for Destruction organiseert Nest een aantal workshops, speciaal voor kinderen.

1 Apr 2010

Down to Earth


Mattijs van den Bosch Peter Cleutjens Kinke Kooi Wouter van Riessen Daphne Rosenthal Monique Scuric Marcoen Vermeulen In Down to Earth Wouter van Riessen presents his own work next to the work of artists from his close environment. On this evening Van Riessen will converse with participating artists. It is about the ‘reading’ of art […]

12 Feb – 14 Mar 2010

Texture Maps


Exhibition, February 12 – March 14 2010 Eelco Brand Robbie Cornelissen Robert Overweg Rafaël Rozendaal Oscar Stegehuis Michiel van der Zanden Curated by Eelco van der Lingen icw Oscar Stegehuis  Young contemporary artists have grown up with worlds made out of pixels and polygons. In this show six artists present work in which the visual […]

11 Dec 2009

Hans den Hartog Jager


Hans den Hartog Jager talks about the importance of context, the status and name of an artist.

10 Dec 2009

One Mohr Time


Mariëlle Buitendijk Sibylle Eimermacher Freya Eshuijs Jobbe Holtes Maria Jager Annegret Kellner Mina Minov Maartje Overmars Julie van der Scheer Aldwin van de Ven Franzis Wiese Eleven alumni of the three departments of the Frank Mohr institute have been invited by Leo Delfgaauw. Leo Delfgaauw, former citycurator of The Hague and curator of The Pont […]

26 Nov 2009

Paulien Oltheten


Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. In haar foto’s en video’s richt Paulien Oltheten zich op ogenschijnlijk eenvoudige gebaren, houdingen en gewoontes en trekt ze ze uit de […]

5 Nov 2009


Artist Talk@Nest

The Gummbah cartoon from the second of November 2009: a clown studies an artwork on the wall. It consists of a white canvas with a black stripe. The clown adresses an official looking person saying: “You can’t say he didn’t try his admost stinking best”. It is a typical Gummbah, a sumup of several absurdities in […]

10 Oct – 28 Nov 2009

Notes on Narratives


Marijn Akkermans Marcel van Eeden Ruth Gwily Han Hoogerbrugge Ingrid Mol Paulien Oltheten Sebastiaan Schlicher Babette Wagenvoort Bas de wit Curated by Joncquil icw Babette Wagenvoort Notes on Narratives focusses on the role of the narrative within contemporary art. Nine artists were brought together that deal with narrative in different ways. Even though each concept […]

25 Jul 2009

Dear John Mowing Club

25 Jul – 19 Sep 2009

Tuin der Lusten


Rene Jansen When invited to query presentation René Jansen proposed to turn Nest into an indoor city park including allotments in which tomatoes could grow, performances could take place and people from the neighborhood could meet and relax. As a result during the summer Nest was filled with earth, grass, vegetables, a mushroom cave with […]

21 May – 21 Jun 2009

The Other Site


Kim Bouvy Karin de Jong Dirk van Lieshout Derk Reneman Ewoud van Rijn Daan Samson Elian Somers Kim Zieschang Curated by Eelco van der Lingen and Joncquil Even though Rotterdam and The Hague are only a half an hour drive apart the climate and attitude within their art worlds has been very different for decades. The Other Site explored the […]

29 Apr 2009

Gewichtig Wachten


Floris Schönfeld Michael Sewandono In the video series Gewichtig Wachten (Stately Waiting), the emphasis is on trying to separate a fragment of literature from it’s source and treat it as an autonomous entity. By taking away the context of the rest of the story we are left with a foreboding feeling that something is about to happen […]

2 Apr 2009

Marja Bosma

Artist Talk@Nest

Marja Bosma (curator Centraal Museum Utrecht) hosts a talk on the work of Thomas Huber and the relationship between the artist and the curator in his work.

19 Mar 2009

Hans Theys

Artist Talk@Nest

Hans Theys is asked to do a talk on Marcel Broodthaers, especially on his ‘Musee d’Art Modern’ and how this adressed the role between artist and museum.

15 Mar 2009



The symposium deals with the context of the museum, hosted by Leo Delfgaauw (Head of the Frank Mohr Instituut) with Marc de Kesel (a.o. Senior researcher Radboud universiteit). Sharon Oldenkotte-Vrolijk (a.o. Advisor bouwfonds collection) en Nina Folkerma (o.a. Editor in Chief of Metropolis M).


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