6 Sep – 3 Nov 2019



The exhibition MYBODY.COM reflects on the body as a battlefield of power structures.

21 Sep 2019    21:00

KINO Open Air Art Cinema

Nest@TodaysArt Festival

A new edition of KINO will once again settle on ‘t Gras v / d Buren for a film program that has been developed in collaboration with TodaysArt festival. The video art program will be presented between 9 PM and 11 PM, with this edition’s theme The Conscious Body.

5 Oct 2019    20:00



In addition to the exhibition MYBODY.COM, which can be visited all night, during Museumnacht you will have the special opportunity to draw a model, under the supervision of art teacher Sarina Missot. On a special stage a bodybuilder will be ready, prepared and in oil, to be drawn by you.

13 Oct 2019    14:00

Breathing Piece

Performance@Zaal 3

Within this performative installation, these two worlds – in their differences and similarities in the approach to emotionality – come together, in an attempt to reinforce each other’s emotional pretensions towards the spectator/listener in a radical and innovative way.

14 Oct 2019    19:30

Hidden Gym Workout – MIND


During MYBODY.COM Hidden Gym organises three tailor-made workouts around Body, Mind & Soul.

16 Oct 2019

Verwend Nest


Doe een keer per maand mee aan een leuke workshop op woensdagmiddag, speciaal voor Verwende Nesten.

23 Oct 2019

Verwend Nest / The Enchantment Special


Experiment with various materials and techniques to create your unique sports shoe prototype for in outer space. What requirements does it have to fulfill? You have to think about this, because everything works differently in space!

2 Nov 2019    10:00

Hidden Gym Workout – SOUL


During MYBODY.COM Hidden Gym organises three tailor-made workouts around Body, Mind & Soul.


16 May 2018    13:30

Verwend Nest


Leuke workshop op woensdagmiddag, speciaal voor Verwende Nesten

23 Apr 2018    20:00

Lecture: Rob Wijnberg


Due to an overwhelming amount of reservations, the ticket sale is closed. Rob Wijnberg, philosopher and editor in chief of De Correspondent will give a lecture at Nest. In 2010 he co-wrote the book Dus ik ben with philosopher Stine Jensen, on the meaning of ‘identity’ in our modern world, in which everybody has a […]

18 Apr 2018    13:30

Verwend Nest


Leuke workshop op woensdagmiddag, speciaal voor Verwende Nesten

14 Apr 2018

Nacht van de Filosofie


Lezingen van onder anderen Jannah Loontjens, Henk Manschot en Wout Cornelissen.

13 Apr – 27 May 2018



Lotte Geeven Vibeke Mascini Oscar Santillán Yeb Wiersma   Drafting the constitution; ecology; the periodic table; and the theory of evolution are all examples of systems developed in the 19th century that still resonate today in how the world is perceived. The decline of humanity’s faith in God coupled with the advance of science drove […]

29 Mar – 1 Apr 2018

Fang Wu Ti


Woody van Amen Fang Wu Ti shows work by Woody van Amen (1936, Eindhoven) from different periods. Van Amen is 82 years old and since 1959 a leading proponent of pop art in the Netherlands. The exhibition was created on the occasion of the “Netwerkbijeenkomst Gevorderd Kunstenaarschap” of the Mondriaan Fund. On Tuesday 27 March, the […]

27 Mar 2018    15:00



Fang Wu Ti shows work by Woody van Amen (1936, Eindhoven) from different periods. Van Amen is 82 years old and since 1959 a leading proponent of pop art in the Netherlands.

23 Mar 2018

Outermost Corner


One Nest stand #28 Jan Dirk Adams en Constantijn Scholten Niels de Bakker Louis Braddock Clarke Zahar Bondar en Sasha Zalivako Linhuei Chen Filip Groubnov Oscar Juul-Sørensen Brigitte Louter Leandros Ntolas Josephine van Schendel Annemiek van der Wilt Students from the Royal Academy of Art The Hague respond to the exhibition Another Dimension, which was […]

8 Mar 2018    20:00

Interview Zoro Feigl


On the 8th of March Luuk Heezen will be interviewing Zoro Feigl on ‘Infinity’ and ‘Another Dimension’ at Zaal 3, the theatre in between both locations.

3 Mar 2018

Kijken, zien en gezien worden


On the 3rd of March, we look back with stakeholders and interested parties on a year in which we have learned and tried a lot, and we are discussing concrete ways in which art institutions can find a better connection with the changing society.

7 Feb – 11 Feb 2018

When the Sun Falls

Nest@Art Rotterdam

Nest has invited Yair Callender to make an artwork at the entrance of Art Rotterdam.

12 Jan – 18 Mar 2018



Zoro Feigl Curator: Rob Knijn Zoro Feigl makes art that moves; like Poppy, an enormous flower constructed out of tarp that swirls around in a hulking, but at the same time rather elegant, kind of way. Or Pressurizing, an installation made out of fire hoses that slowly inflate and deflate as a calmly sleeping beast. The […]

12 Jan 2018    19:00

Opening Infinity


We would like to invite you to the opening of the exhibitions Infinity and Another Dimension on the 12th of January from 7 pm. 

12 Jan – 18 Mar 2018

Another Dimension


Frank Ammerlaan Nicky Assmann en Joris Strijbos Boris de Beijer Semâ Bekirovic Mischa Daams Gabriel Lester Keisuke Matsuura Panamarenko Oscar Peters Conrad Shawcross Gabey Tjon a Tham Curator: Zoro Feigl “Under the right circumstances, all matter has thepotential to grow into something organic. We can saytherefore that life is present at the core of all […]

21 Dec 2017    20:00

One Nest Stand #27 – Party of Ruin


Following two weeks of drifting through the post-apocalyptic installation of Part ||| Beyond Thunderdome, Unfair will invite a band of artists to celebrate the longest and darkest night of the year with you.

15 Dec – 1 Jan 1970

Verwend Nest


Join in with a nice workshop on Wednesday afternoon, especially for the ‘Verwende Nesten’.

18 Nov – 21 Dec 2017

Places of Ruin


Triptych Many say that The Netherlands is slightly too proper, polished, too spruced up, and so we travel to grimy cities, decaying ruins and scarcely lit cafés. We enthusiastically embrace the dingy and unorganised aspects of abandoned villages or derelict houses stained by humidity and graffiti-clad. Destitution has developed as an aesthetic concept that we […]

10 Nov 2017

(Nederlands) Feestelijke afsluiting met zelfportret


We sluiten de tentoonstelling af onder het genot van een drankje. Voor wie een poging wil wagen hebben we materialen beschikbaar om een zelfportret te schilderen of tekenen.

9 Sep – 5 Nov 2017

On Speaking Terms


Yair Callender Robert Glas Charl Landvreugd Barbara Visser Marga Weimans Initiated and designed by Studio L A. For the exhibition On Speaking Terms designers Lorien Beijaert and Arna Mačkić of Studio L A have created an experimental exhibition space. The various works of art will be displayed within the walls of Nest but in a […]

20 May – 31 Jul 2017



Sven Augustijnen Ella de Búrca Anna Dasović Alevtina Kakhidze Yazan Khalili Lyubov Matyunina Adrian Melis Dorian de Rijk belit sağ Anika Schwarzlose Radek Szlaga Aleksei Taruts Anastasiya Yarovenko Curator: Katia Krupennikova Post-Peace brings together artists from a variety of origins to question how war and peace appear today. Many works in the exhibition are united by […]

5 May 2017

Everything Must Go


One Nest Stand #26 Arthur Cordier  Sabin Garea Eden Latham Marius Mathisrud Henriette von Muenchhausen Karolina Rupp Leonie Schneider & Luis Maly Jungyeon Sung Ariane Toussaint Freerk Wilbers  Every year, Nest organises a One Nest Stand presentation for which academy students get the assignment to make a work in the sphere of one of the […]

4 Feb – 16 Apr 2017

About Robert Rino


Rinus Van de Velde About Robert Rino by the Flemish artist Rinus Van de Velde is a Nest-filling installation in which Van de Velde tells the story of Robert Rino. The works of this fictional artist, which are produced by Van de Velde can be found in the drawings that fill the walls of Nest […]

12 Nov – 22 Jan 2017

Games People Play


Apparatus 22 Feiko Beckers David Bernstein Priscila Fernandes Goldin+Senneby Carl Johan Högberg Marijn Ottenhof Patrick Bernier & Olive Martin  Curator: Katia Krupennikova A game seems so simple, but in the end it is a complex phenomenon that gives us the possibility to think outside the box. Playing makes it possible to reinterpret reality, to explore taboos […]

29 Oct 2016

Museum Night The Hague


Almost 40 cultural institutions open their doors for you from 20:00 until 01:00.

30 Sep 2016



Cultural tour in The Hague.


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