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A Masterpiece

11 Feb – 12 Feb 2023   /   Performance@Nest

A Masterpiece: Dennis Vanderbroeck

In collaboration with Zuidelijk Toneel and Theater aan het Spui, Dennis Vanderbroeck’s performance, A Masterpiece will be shown at Nest on Saturday the 11th and Sunday 12th of February. In this performance, Vanderbroeck attempts to create a masterpiece based on the work of his heroes. Through the work of Yves Klein, Bruce Nauman and Tina Turner, among others, Dennis tries to arrive at his own genius. Guiding this investigation is the voice of his father, age 61 and suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. In his father’s progressive forgetting process, he sees a metaphor: the race against the clock, a race never to be forgotten himself.

The actions of his heroes’ re-enactments are voiced by Dennis and his father. A father trying to help his son create his own masterpiece. A dialogue about art, memories and their disappearance. A Masterpiece is an exercise in letting go, growing up and getting older. A performance that teaches us how art can save our lives and vice versa.

sa 11 feb 2023, 20:30 hrs
su 12 feb 2023, 15.00 hrs
performance in Dutch

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