Nest at Art Rotterdam

19 May – 22 May 2022   /   Exhibition@Nest

During Art Rotterdam, a new work by Eugenie Boon , titled The Pawns that Wandered in Promised Land, will be exhibited in the outdoor area of the Van Nelle Factory.

The Pawns that Wandered in Promised Land, 2022

In her artistic practice Eugenie Boon (1995, Willemstad) is driven by her childhood on Curaçao and the rich history of the island. With her performances, paintings, and installations she investigates the relationship between the Netherlands and the island in a playful, shamanistic, but also critical manner. She wants to let the voice of a new generation of Curaçaoans be heard, one that can be both proud of its own cultural history and critical of what stands in the way of further development of the young country.

Nest talent trajectory

In 2022 Eugenie Boon is the fellow of a year-long talent trajectory at Nest. With “The Pawns that Wandered in Promised Land,” Boon depicts the Promised Land that is so important to her in a board game. A poetic and performative journey that can be understood as a search for ‘truth’ and ‘love’. With the parcourse Boon develops, she tries to build bridges between cultures, between different opinions that sometimes seem unbridgeable, between love and everything that stands in its way.


Image: Sharon Jane


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