Badly Natured

15 Mar – 28 Apr 2013   /   Exhibition@Nest

Exhibition, March 16 – April 28 2013

Griet Dobbels
Jeroen Eisinga
Debra Fear
Roderick Hietbrink
Simon Kentgens
Maartje Korstanje
Ronald Ophuis
Lorenz Olivier Schmid
Simon Schrikker
Martin uit den Bogaard

Curated by Eelco van der Lingen

The dark side of Mother Nature

Vandals are sentenced to community service, if they get caught that is. That is nothing compared to a mother who murders her children, she will be jailed for a very long period for sure. Also cannibalism is not allowed in The Netherlands. Still at the same time Mother Nature gets away with all of these crimes, which are committed under her wings on a daily basis. We are not shocked when a father rat devours his children, mother duck leaves her ducklings to perish or when animals feed themselves on the leftovers of their deceased forefathers.

Humankind distinguishes itself from the animal kingdom by its ability to make moral judgements. While nothing but good and caring is projected on Mother Nature, the popular image of man in the natural context is that of global destroyer.

Badly Natured focuses on the opposite view and approaches nature as a threat to everything humans create, how erosion and natural disasters demolish everything man made, either slowly or abruptly.
In Badly Natured Mother Nature shows its most wicked ways with aggressive dogs, cannibal worms and a jackdow with a lust for murder.


Badly Natured is a partner project of Ja Natuurlijk at GEM: http://ja-natuurlijk.com



An exciting fight

20 Mar 2013   /   @Nest

Workshop for children aged 6-12 years. The exhibition Badly Natured presents nature as a threat to everything humans create. Who is in your opinion stronger: human beings or nature? during the workshop you will explore this question through collage and drawing techniques. Not a member yet? Join your first Verwend Nest-workshop for free, to see if […]

On the Spot

22 Mar 2013   /   Workshop@Nest

Art workshop for adults

A monstrous painting

17 Apr 2013   /   @Nest

Workshop for children aged 6-12 years. With the use of watercolors participants will create monstrous beasts. Are they just as terrifying as those in the exhibition? Not a member yet? Join your first Verwend Nest-workshop for free, to see if you like it.

Discussion with Pauline de Bok, Clemens Driessen, Erno Eskens and Tinkebell

25 Apr 2013   /   Discussie@Nest

A conversation with artist Tinkebell, writer and fun hunter Pauline de Bok, bioethicist Clemens Driessen and philosopher Erno Eskens about ethical matters and moral dilemmas in the relationship between man and nature.

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