21 May 2015   /   Exhibition@Nest

One Nest Stand #21

Martin Creed
Carlos Noronha Feio
Marita Fraser
Nick Fusaro
Mikael Larsson
Alex Lawler
Rachel Lowe
João Ferro Martins
Bruno Pacheco
Richard Parry
Yelena Popova
Ruth Proctor
Giorgio Sadotti
Elizabeth Wright

In answer to Nest’s invitation to The Mews Project to participate in the evening programme One Nest Stand, The Mews team presents the exhibition Balls. An exhibition about balls. Yes – balls! In all shapes, sizes, dimensions and from different parts of the world. There will be new balls, old balls, balls on video, balls on the floor, balls against the walls, balls hanging from the ceiling. There will be balls everywhere and all over. We hope you may join us for this One Nest Stand.

One Nest Stands are one-evening-exhibitions.
Balls is only on view on May 21 between 20.00 en 00.00 h.


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