Cinema in the Garden

4 Jul – 10 Jul 2020   /   Nest@PIP

Humanity House, PIP and Nest organize Cinema in the Garden from 4th to the 10th of July. Late nite films and documentaries on the terrace of PIP. We select seven movies, which connect to the current state and times in the world.

04 juli.  When I sold my soul to the machine, at Optie B*
06 juli.  Objector – trailer
07 juli.  Before you know it – trailer, at Optie B*
08 juli.  Antigone – trailer
09 juli.  Cutie and the Boxer – trailer
10 juli.  Progress vs Regress – trailer & Bubbling: bandje 64 – trailer

Nest selects films about the elderly, a population group that becomes even more isolated through these pandemic times and whose voices not often are not often listened to. These films contrast with the prejudices of the 80 plus generation. Humanity House chooses films from the canceled film festival Movies that Matter. Films about resistance and solidarity, starring strong women who resist the status quo and stand up for themselves and society. Pip chooses music films, about electro from The Hague and the international musical influence of bubbling from Suriname.

The terrace opens at 9:30 PM, the sun goes down at 10:00 PM, the movie starts at 10:30 PM.

*Due to the weather forecast for coming Saturday, we have relocated the screening to the indoor space Optie B (Polluxstraat 10), close to PIP.

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No ticket sales at the door, all COVID measures also apply to the Cinema in the Garden.

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