Concept Store

17 May – 6 Jul 2014   /   Exhibition@Nest

Exhibition, May 18 – July 6 2014

John M Armleder
Merlin Carpenter
Vaast Colson
Paul Elliman
Erika Hock
Jeroen Jacobs
Klaas Kloosterboer
Wjm Kok
Ingmar König
Frank Koolen
Michael Krebber
Marius Lut
Ola Vasiljeva

Curator: Marius Lut and Frank Koolen

Art and commerce seem to be each others direct opposites. The philosophical basis of works of art clash with the practical use of the commercial products. The commercial product serves the greediness and vanity of the human being, while art stimulates intelligence, insight and the mental state. Shopping malls cause ever expanding heaps of waste, the remains of the products that serve our temporary satisfaction, while art strives for an eternal value.

With the emergence of branding; the enlargement of the brand in relation to the original product in the eighties and nineties, the ‘flag store’ appeared in the streets. De flag store may be considered as a hybrid between an exhibition space for contemporary art and a store. The presentation and experience of the brand is top priority, spaces are minimally decorated and radiate luxuriousness.

The project Concept Store, curated by Marius Lut and Frank Koolen, will explore the different forms of presentation used by shops, flagship stores and art spaces, and the influence these forms exercise on the appreciation of the presented goods.


Verwend Nest

21 May 2014    14:00   /   Kinderworkshop@Nest

Nice workshop on Wednesday afternoon, especially for the ‘Verwende Nesten’.

On the Spot

23 May 2014   /   Workshop@Nest

Art workshop for adults


30 May 2014    19:00   /   Hoogtij@Nest

A cultural route past artists initiatives, galleries and art spaces. Hoogtij takes place four times a year on friday night in The Hague center. Locations are open from 19.00 – 23.00 hours, entrance is free. http://hoogtij.net/

Photography workshop

7 Jun 2014    11:00   /   Workshop@Nest

During this workshop, photographer Thomas Jansen gives an introduction to the narrative side of photography. In one day you will learn the basics of making a story from photographic images and start building your own story. Due to the developments in digital photography everyone can shoot a pretty image, but this is still something different […]

‘Hollandse Meesters’ in the 21th century: Gabriel Lester

19 Jun 2014    20:00   /   Interview@Nest

Michiel van Nieuwkerk interviews Gabriel Lester. entrance € 2,00 in Dutch  

An evening with auction and videos

3 Jul 2014    20:00   /   Event@Nest

In relation to the exhibition Concept Store we will host an event on the 3rd of July presented by curator Frank Koolen. We will show a selection of videos connected to the theme of the exhibition and contributions by the artists. In the meantime, auctionmaster Jaring Dürst Britt will auction some special objects. These will […]

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