Essentially Absent

3 May – 25 May 2008   /   Exhibition@Nest

Oliver Boberg 
Margareth Doorduin
Michiel Kluiters
Katja Mater
Gert Jan Kocken
Krista van der Niet
Wouter van Riessen
Marleen Sleeuwits

Curated by Eelco van der Lingen icw Margareth Doorduin

Essentially Absent was based on ‘the absence of the subject’ or ‘the subject of absence’ within contemporary photography.
Photography is originally a medium in which subjects are shown, portrayed or proven. Within contemporary art the traditional role of dealing with the imagination is no longer limited to painting or sculpture.
Nine photographers showed pictures in which the subject of the picture was not shown in the picture itself.


K. Schippers

14 May 2008   /   Lezing@Nest

Author of  amongst others: Waar was je nou? (2005), De vliegende camera (2004) and Het witte schoolbord (1989) is a visual writer. An author with a strong connection with fine arts and photography. The Subject of ‘absence’ is a recurring theme in his work. As ‘a writer who watches’ K. Schippers was asked to give […]

Wouter van Riessen

21 May 2008   /   Lezing@Nest

Is a painter, makes drawings and graphics, is a musician and a photographer. He does not consider his sel fportraits as a platform for his inner feelings but as a mirror that give him the possibility of identification. He pictures himself hidden behind a mask and make up or with the dominating company of hand […]


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