9 Jun 2011   /   Art Fair@Nest

One Nest Stand #13


FITAX 500 is an art fair where artists and collectors can exchange a work with an estimated value of €500. On June 9th the fair takes place at Nest. To participate, read the rules below, or drop by to watch artists and collectors trade their works. The fair is open from 20.00 hours.

The rules:
* Participants are artists or are in the posession of an artwork
* The artworks offered in exchange can be made by participants themselves, or others
* Participants take care of their own transport to and from Nest
* The artworks have an estimated value of around €500
* At 18.00 hours the artworks for the fair must be present at Nest
* Participating at the FITAX costs €5, free entrance for viewers
* No trading before the official opening at 20.00 hours
* From 20.00 hours onward the fair is open to participants ánd anyone who is interested to view the fair
* The public is not allowed to participate
* No more than two artworks per participant, for each work €5 entry fee
* It is not possible to pay with money for any of the artworks
* After the end of the fair participants are no longer allowed to trade
* Trading your work is not obligatory
* Any acquired work can be traded again

* Participation will be possible from saturday 13th of july at www.tupajumi.com/nest

FITAX 500 is a Tupajumi initiative

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