Games People Play

12 Nov – 22 Jan 2017   /   Exhibition@Nest

Apparatus 22
Feiko Beckers
David Bernstein
Priscila Fernandes
Carl Johan Högberg
Marijn Ottenhof
Patrick Bernier & Olive Martin 

Curator: Katia Krupennikova

A game seems so simple, but in the end it is a complex phenomenon that gives us the possibility to think outside the box. Playing makes it possible to reinterpret reality, to explore taboos and to experiment with the impossible. In Games People Play, eight artists and artist collectives explore the social function of playing and the rules of the game.

Opening Saturday 12 November, 16:00 uur

From Thursday to Sunday, 1 to 5 pm and on appointment
Because of the holidays Nest will be closed from December 24 till January 1


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