Gloomy Prospects & Lucid Adventures

2 May – 3 May 2013   /   Exhibition@Nest

One Nest Stand #12

Ron Amir
Maryanto Beb
Willehad Eilers
Ruben van Klaveren
Yoshiyuki Koinuma
Sarina Missot
Sandro Setola

With a performance of The Dogs of Shame
Guest curated by Sarina Missot and Yoshiyuki Koinuma

Seven artists wander through the dark side of their imagination.

The last few years artists Sarina Missot and Yoshiyuki Koinuma have been setting up a dialogue on lost cultures and new civilisations, on myths and monsters and on heaven and hell. The painting ‘The Nightmare’ by Johann Heinrich Füssli became the starting point of a search for artists that were not scared to deal with a fine bit of symbolism, romanticism, drama and monumental gestures, combined with a healthy dose of (black) humor.


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