Tot onze grote spijt moeten wij tot en met dinsdag 9 februari 2021 onze deuren sluiten.  Zodra de omstandigheden het weer toelaten verwelkomen we je heel graag op gepaste afstand, maar met open armen.

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11 Feb – 28 Mar 2021   /   Exhibition@Nest

She spins the thread, she measures the thread, she cuts the thread


Mila Lanfermeijer
Ana Navas
Evelyn Taocheng Wang

Exhibition architecture: Donna van Milligen Bielke

In this exhibition, three artists explore the meaning of repetition, appreciation and appropriation. In seven rooms, specially designed by architect Donna van Milligen Bielke, they tell a story about the intricacies of friendship, artistic kinship and autonomy  within. Reproduction and mimicry are important methods to understand, appreciate, and interpret their own place in art history.

A thread, this ordinary, soft thing, is a metaphor for the mortal life of human beings. The metaphor connects directly to the Ancient Greek story of the Fatesthe Moirai, three sisters born by Night and Darkness.

Clotho spins the thread. She makes major decisions, such as when a person is born, in effect controlling people’s lives. This power allows her to decide not only who is born, but also when mortals live.

Lachesis measures the thread of life. Normally dressed in white, she measures the thread spun on Clotho’s spindle and, in certain texts, determines destiny.

Atropos cuts the thread. She determines the mechanism of death and ends the life of mortals by cutting their lifeline.

Please note:

Unfortunately, we have to close our doors until Tuesday 9 February 2021. As soon as circumstances allow it, we will be happy to welcome you at a suitable distance, but with open arms.

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Opening III – postponed

18 Dec 2020   /   Opening@Nest

Opening of ||| – She spins the thread, she measures the thread, she cuts the thread with works of Mila Lanfermeijer, Ana Navas and Evelyn Taocheng Wang.

Verwend Nest On Tour

27 Jan 2021   /   Kinderworkshop@Nest

Doe een keer per maand mee aan een leuke workshop op woensdagmiddag, speciaal voor Verwende Nesten.
We gaan eerst in de tentoonstelling kijken en daarna ga je zelf aan de slag.

Artists Talk

12 Feb 2021    20:00   /   Artist Talk@Nest

On Friday February 12 we present an artists talk with Ana Navas, Evelyn Taocheng Wang and Mila Lanfermeijer hosted by curator Rieke Vos.

Between the Lines

18 Feb 2021    20:00   /   Lezen@Nest

For the second edition of Between the Lines Ana Navas, Evelyn Taocheng Wang and Mila Lanfermeijer chose ‘This Little Art’ (2017) by writer and translator Kate Briggs.

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