I’m not here

23 Nov – 11 Jan 2009   /   Exhibition@Nest

Andy S.

Luca Dias

Bernard Prins

Fred Bierman

Borislav Taras

Adam West

Jasmin Palace

D.J. Van der Ven

Sarin’s serenity

Pablo Chocron


Goeroe Grinwis

Dorothy and her friend

James Petersen

Peter de Beer

Edward Budding

Dan Judson

Curated by Eelco van der Lingen icw Joncquil

 The eighteen artists in I’m not here  range from talented youngsters – fresh out of art school – to internationally acclaimed artists. As each artist is presented under an alias, the project leaves the audience to guess the identity of the artists involved and gives the participating artists the freedom to present work beyond their regular context and to experiment more freely than they ever could under their original name.

Talk December 11 2009

Hans den Hartog Jager

Hans den Hartog Jager talks about the importance of context, the status and name of an artist.


Andy S., Sarin’s Serinity


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