Inside/ Outside and everything beneath, above and within

23 Aug – 29 Aug 2021   /   Temporary Monument@Nest

Iliada Charalambous

The work ‘Inside/ Outside and everything beneath, above and within’ by Iliada Charalambous will be on display from 23 August onwards outside of Nest.

This artwork is a meeting place for discussing and imagining a more equal future. Inspired by Carol Hanisch’ essay ‘The Personal is Political’, the work explores the tensions between the inside and outside; of that which is both private and public in our living environments. The installation invites groups to engage in conversation, but also facilitates intimate, private encounters. The use of ecological materials is inspired by the Feminist Ecological villages built in Lebanon, Syria, Europe and South America.

Iliada Charalambous graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts in 2016 and has a distinct talent for intertwining her artistic practice with the everyday social politics. A big source of inspiration was the witnessing of the economical collapse of her home country The Republic of Cyprus in 2012/2013, and the subsequent rediscovery and transformation of values in the society. This process marked the beginning of a constant questioning in regards to the relationship of individual citizens to their governments, its policies, its corruptions and the way its economic policies are shaped. 

The past two years Nest and Iliada Charalambous have worked together intensively. The artworks Iliada has created and executed have been exhibited in The Hague and have reached different groups in society. For the Degrowth Conference, which takes place between 23 and 28 August, Iliada made this work.

On Tuesday 24 August at 15:30, Iliada Charalambous will give a presentation about her work, to which everyone is cordially invited.

On Wednesday 25th of August, at 9:00 hrs, Rosa Marie Mulder will give a presentation on artistic and multisensory approaches to a Degrowth future. At 17:00 hrs, the workshop Feminism and forest bathing will begin at the site of the artwork.

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