KINO – I am not the sky

6 Jul 2019    22:00   /   Nest@The Hague Contemporary Art Weekend

Kasia Fudakowski – Word Count 1-3
Kert Viiart – Um… Have You Seen This?
Persijn Broersen & Margit Lukács – The Fallen
Kasia Fudakowski – Word Count 4
Helen Dowling – I am not the sky
Felix Meermann – Spie Macaw
Esther Kokmeijer – Stillness
Jean-Baptiste Castel & Astrid Feringa – This is not the Amazon
Johan Hielkema – Drenthe aan Zee
Kasia Fudakowski – Word Count 5

On Saturday, the 6th of July, when the night falls, but it is still young and attractive, grab your bike and come to KINO. The open-air art cinema is located under the fruit trees at ‘t Gras v/d Buren (opposite Nest) as part of The Hague Contemporary Art Weekend. Between 22.00 and 01.00 we will show films that reflect on nature, climate and that which is not human, but still has to do with human events.

This year there were two major climate marches in The Hague. Although climate sceptics are still heard both in society and in politics, the focus is on the irreversible dangers of the warming climate for all life on earth. Scientists warn against so-called tipping points, when so many greenhouse gases are released into the air that global warming will accelerate and there will be no way back to a liveable world. And yet politics are moving slowly, driving a car is cheaper than the train, eating meat is still the norm and going on holiday by plane is the rule rather than the exception. It is mainly young people who sound the alarm and organise protest marches to persuade the government to intervene. But even in spite of these demonstrations, the urgency of the problem is not really getting through.

Guest curator Manon Braat selected films from the range of artists who were shown in The Hague institutions in 2018/2019. In the videos, the climate is a common subject that is approached by artists in various ways: absurdly, with humour, pamphletically, mortally frightened or critically investigating. The way in which the media report on nature and the climate problems and how they form public opinion often plays a role.

KINO open air cinema
i.c.w. The Hague Contemporary
location: ‘t Gras v/d Buren (across from Nest)
Saturday July 6, 22.00 h
Admission free

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