Me, myself and I

14 Nov 2013   /   Exhibition@Nest

One Nest Stand #15

Mira Aluç
Lynne Brouwer & Majda Vidakovic
Stefanie Crombach
Hannah Driesse
Gaby Felten
Helena Frijns
Li Ma
Puck Schot
Katerina Sidorova
Mickey Yang

Curator: Eelco van der Lingen

Every year Nest organises in collaboration with the Royal Academie for the Arts of The Hague a project in which selected students are invited to shed their light on the theme of one of the exhibitions of Nest. This year in Me, Myself and I the young and talented artists are dealing with the subject matter of Narcissistic Tendensies; the role of the ego in the work of the artist.



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