Nest at Art Rotterdam 2021

30 Jun – 4 Jul 2021   /   Nest@Art Rotterdam

During Art Rotterdam, a number of works will be exhibited in the outdoor area of the Van Nelle Factory. Two works from the exhibition A Fair Share of Utopia will be on display at the fair this year.

A Garden of Coincidences – Müge Yilmaz, 2020

A Garden of Coincidences is inspired by the oldest known temple complex in the world, and according to experts, the first cult site as well, where ritual gatherings took place to honour ancestors. Yilmaz’ installation has a similar form where each pillar represents a recent ancestor from different cultures and parts of the world. Yilmaz doesn’t refer in concrete terms to people from our collective memory, but points in an abstract manner to environmental activism, the fight for freedom, feminism and philosophies of First Nation communities relating to nature.

BUNYIP: wiray ngaay ngaay gir-nya-la-nha (don’t just look and talk) – Brook Andrew, 2020

The bunyip is a mythical being in Wiradjuri (Australian) culture. This representation of bunyip is in the shape of a cartoon-like face, with eyes, saying ‘ngaay’, meaning ‘see’ in Wiradjuri language, and mouth saying ‘gir- nya- la-nha’, meaning ‘talk’. On the other side, the word ‘wiray’ means ‘no’. The artist is emphasizing that if we do not speak up for what we believe in there will be ‘wiray’ action.


A Fair Share of Utopia – publication translated

30 Jun – 4 Jul 2021   /   Publicatie@Nest

The publication ‘A Fair Share of Utopia’ is now available in English, published by Jap Sam Books.

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