Out and About

26 Mar – 30 May 2021   /   Nest@De Constant Rebecqueplein

Every Friday an artist from The Hague presents a work on the grass field at the De Constant Rebecqueplein. Despite the fact that art institutions remain closed for the time being, artists are continuing to create and produce in their studios. Therefore Nest invites a maker to show his or her work every week as long as the lockdown lasts. Local residents and passers-by are cordially invited to come and see the artwork.


Out and About – Iliada Charalambous

26 Mar 2021   /   Tentoonstelling@Nest

It is a temporary monument of the here and now. An attempt to set up a citizen assembly which builds, at least temporarily, a network and a public, communal space.

Out and About – Willem Marijs

2 Apr 2021   /   Tentoonstelling@Nest

As part of Out and About, Willem Marijs presents ELOMA: the Electromagnetic Field Orchestra. Friday 2 April all day on the grass field in front of Nest.

Out and About – Leslie Nagel

9 Apr 2021   /   Tentoonstelling@Nest

Leslie Nagel presents her work today on the lawn in front of Nest. This work of art has been put on the world to perform. Leslie would like to see this work as a character in a theatre play, perhaps with other works of art.

Out and About – Eugenie Boon

16 Apr 2021   /   Tentoonstelling@Nest

This week, Eugenie Boon presents her new work ‘At’e Wega!’, which came about after confronting research into the political and economic systems that shape the relationship between Curaçao and the Netherlands.

Out and About – Thijs Jaeger

23 Apr 2021   /   Tentoonstelling@Nest

The fountain “Well…Well…Well…”, with its endless trickling of water, symbolises an information source with a continuous flow of data.

Out and About – Das Leben am Haverkamp

30 Apr 2021   /   Tentoonstelling@Nest

This exhibition is a gathering of some individual works by the members of Das Leben am Haverkamp – the plastic chair as a stage for a current development in their artistic life.

Out and About – Tobias Lengkeek

7 May 2021   /   Tentoonstelling@Nest

Today painter Tobias Lengkeek presents a work on the grass. Temporality is important in his work. The places he paints paint are often characterised by it, such as a building site.

Out and About – Navid Nuur

14 May 2021   /   Tentoonstelling@Nest

Today, Navid Nuur is organizing a performative dialogue where he invites people for a walk.

Out and About – Bob Demper

21 May 2021   /   Tentoonstelling@Nest

On the grass stands the façade of an apartment building. While working on this set piece (that was realized for one specific shot in the film) Bob started gradually seeing it more as a spatial installation.

Out and About – Daisy Madden-Wells

28 May – 29 May 2021   /   Tentoonstelling@Nest

Join in today with Daisy Madden-Wells’ lion picnic. On show today and tomorrow during Hoogtij.

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