Out of Control

28 Jan – 4 Mar 2012   /   Exhibition@Nest

Exhibition, January 29 – March 4 2012

Walead Beshty
Willem Besselink
Ewerdt Hilgemann
Roger Hiorns
Hedwig Houben en Bas Schevers
Rob van Koningsbruggen
Tim Knowles
Marijn van Kreij
Roman Opalka
David Rickard
Driessens & Verstappen
herman de vries

Guest curator: Lynne van Rhijn icw David Rickard

Out of Control brings artists together who consciously relinquish the artistic decision making process. They use methodological processes or chance to shape their work.




3 Feb 2012    09:30   /   Workshop@Nest

During every exhibition we organise a drawing course. In four lessons you will look at the exhibition, discuss form and content of the exhibition and work on short assignments with pencil or ink on paper. In this way you will have an in-depth experience of the art and learn to give form to your own […]

Verwend Nest

22 Feb 2012    14:00   /   Kinderworkshop@Nest

During every exhibition we organise workshops on Wednesday afternoon for children between 6 and 12 years old. They look and talk about the exhibition and then make a painting, object or collage. The workshop is given by a visual artist. Costs €40 per year to become a member of Verwend Nest, this will give access […]

Artist Talk

1 Mar 2012    20:00   /   Lezing@Nest

Alexander Mayhew interviews Willem Besselink and Marijn van Kreij.


4 Mar 2012    12:00   /   Rondleiding@Nest

Guided tour and brunch, March 4, 12.00 hours Do not miss out on this last day of the exhibition with a guided tour through all the work. The vegetarian 3 course brunch (€12,50 pp) will be hosted by Di Verso, known from the weekly eat, meet & greet on location, in collaboration with Lunchroom De […]

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