Peas and Carrots

12 May 2023    20:00   /   Exhibition@Nest

One Nest Stand #32

Students of the Royal Academy of Art The Hague will respond on the exhibition The Grand Palace of Everyone. The exhibition will be a place where collaboration is paramount and boundaries are non-existent. There is no difference here between ‘insider’ and ‘outsider’ artists, between art and design, between day and night culture, or between fantasy and reality.

The participating students -who will be selected through an open call- will take collaboration as a departure point for their works.We encourage that the students seek collaboration with any creature or force and open your practice to others.

For the selected students there will be an exclusive trajectory. At various moments during this period they will be coached by different artists, critics and curators. The exhibition will open on May 12.

One Nest Stands are annual one-night exhibitions, hosted and organized by Nest in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.


Note: deadline for submitting proposals is 12 March.
Opening of the exhibition is May 12. 


Thanks to

Gemeente Den Haag
Royal Academy of Art

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