20 May – 31 Jul 2017   /   Exhibition@Nest

Sven Augustijnen
Ella de Búrca
Anna Dasović
Alevtina Kakhidze
Yazan Khalili
Lyubov Matyunina
Adrian Melis
Dorian de Rijk
belit sağ
Anika Schwarzlose
Radek Szlaga
Aleksei Taruts
Anastasiya Yarovenko

Curator: Katia Krupennikova

Post-Peace brings together artists from a variety of origins to question how war and peace appear today. Many works in the exhibition are united by common expressions of danger, fear, and the feeling of disorientation created by mass media’s multiple versions of reality.

The First World War used to be described as “the War to End All Wars” at the time, but the First World War paved the war for the Second, whose conclusion gave us the Postwar Era, defined by the central antagonism of the USA and the USSR, the “Cold War,” with its myriad proxy conflicts and regional wars. The defeat of the Soviet Union and the triumph of capitalist democracy was meant to usher in a new non-conflictual age, but this period in which the “peace” of global capitalism can only be bought at the price of continuous violence and warfare, is probably best described as Post-Peace.

The exhibition Post-Peace is not directly about war, but rather about peace. Gathered together the selected artists will expose, through a visual conversation, the screen of peace as it functions today. How much war is present in our contemporary peace? That is the question.

Opening Saturday 20 May, 16:00 hrs

opening hours:
thu – sun 1.00 – 5.00 pm
and on appointment

entrance €4,-
students / children <18 years €0,-
Ooievaarspas / Museumkaart / Nest-friends €0,-



Hoogtij #49

7 Jul 2017    19:00   /   Event@Nest

Hoogtij #49 Een culturele route langs kunstenaarsinitiatieven, galeries en kunstinstellingen. Hoogtij vindt vier keer per jaar op vrijdagavond plaats in de Haagse binnenstad. De locaties zijn van 19.00 – 23.00 uur te bezoeken. De toegang is overal gratis. Ook Nest heeft vrijdag 7 juli de deuren van 19.00 uur tot 23.00 uur open en gratis […]

Post-Peace Performance

23 Jul 2017   /   Performance@Nest

Jaha Koo, Lolling and Rolling Lolling and Rolling onderzoekt een tragisch fenomeen in Korea rond het leren van Engels. In Zuid-Korea is er grote controverse rondom een tongoperatie, een ‘linguale frenectomie’, die kinderen ondergaan om de Engels “R” beter uit te kunnen spreken. Een fictieve vertelling, video en geluidswerk, waarin Koo niet alleen ingaat op […]

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