SA.1 Generator System Pump

7 Dec – 9 Feb 2014   /   Exhibition@Nest

Exhibition, December 8 2013 – February 9 2014

Izaak Zwartjes

Curator: Eelco van der Lingen

Usually Nest projects are group shows, but once a year we give the space to one artist for a solo exhibition. This year Dutch artist Izaak Zwartjes was given the opportunity to work on a large installation that will occupy all of Nest.

In Nest Izaak Zwartjes will present a new chapter of his self created visual mythology. The main lead within this installation is for the engine or system pump that connects and transforms the different entities within Izaak Zwartjes mythical narrative.




Verwend Nest

11 Dec 2013    14:00   /   @Nest

A nice workshop on Wednesday afternoon, especially for ‘Verwende Nesten’.

A minimal survivor and the SA.1 Generator System Pump

30 Jan 2014    20:00   /   Lezing@Nest

Talk, Thursday January 30, 20.00 hrs Visual artist Allart Lakke about the work of Izaak Zwartjes. Dutch spoken Admission € 2,00

On the Spot

12 Dec 2014   /   Workshop@Nest

Art workshop for adults

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