The Element of Surprise

20 Nov 2014   /   Exhibition@Nest

One Nest Stand #18

Matteo Gatti
Maria Valerie Stockhammer
Maurice Nuiten
Roxette Capriles
Tabea Wappler
Jeong Lee
Aldo Lurgo
Burhan Üçkardeş

Curator: Eelco van der Lingen

Every year, Nest organises a One Nest Stand presentation for which academy students get the assignment to make a work in the sphere of one of the exhibitions of Nest. This year, eight students of the Willem de Kooning Academy deal with the theme Alchemy. In The Element of Surprise they shed their light on the transformation of knowledge and materials, on the non-rational sides of science, the  quest for eternal youth, or on the need to add a spiritual value to the banal.

Most often it is the first time for the participants to  show their work outside the academy. To give the students a thourough preparation for the exhibition, they are offered a tutoring program. Alchemy-curator and artist David Rickard, Alchemy-artist Oscar Santillan, Nest director Eelco van der Lingen and independant curator Yasmijn Jarram will give the students feedback on their plans and give them advice on the execution of the work.



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