The Eye Codex of the Monochrome

9 Dec – 10 Dec 2010   /   Exhibition@Nest

Navid Nuur -The Eye Codex of the Monochrome

The starting point of a new phase in the ever growing body of work of Navid Nuur, in which he studies the visual qualities of ‘the Monochrome’.
Nuur ignores the art-theoretical perception on the work of people like Turrel, Rothko and Kapoor and dissects the monochrome on the basis of a personal theory in which visual patterns within the monochrome serve as a starting point for further perception.

Nuur combines this talk with the presentation of a series of new works based on this idea.
The presentation is accompanied by a typical Navid Nuur poster work, a symbiosis between a poster and an independent work.

The work will be for sale exclusively at Nest for €100,-. Visitors of The Eye Codex of the Monochrome will be able to purchase the work, only on the evening itself, for €50,-.


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