The Importance of…

26 Feb – 26 Feb 2010   /   Exhibition@Nest

The Importance of:

‘The Importance of Being Nest’ was the first traditional means of promotion that Nest used. From the start Nest used new  media and the internet as tools for promotion. For the presentation of the first booklet the space was given to the initiatives that had helped Nest so much from the start: The Art Blogs. Four blogs were asked to use their experiences within the virtual art world on the internet as a basis for a presentation at Nest.

Trendbeheer, the Netherlands’ largest art blog, reported  on artists and artworks in relation to the real thing, using work by people like Mark Bijl, Han Hoogerbrugge, Navid Nuur, Jeroen Bosch, Marc Claes and Suzanne Kriemann.

Chmkoome showed its discoveries from Marcel van Eeden to Marc Nagtzaam and Bart Baele and from Justin Bennett to Ton Schuttelaar and Navid Nuur.

CtrlAltDelete had a scrolling presentation of its blog with a seperate presentation and a lottery in which found artworks were to be won.

Whatspace presented a ‘Whatbar’, a Whatsspace presentation on location with an installation by Piet Dieleman and a performance of Dirk Sessies


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