Where Art We Going?

15 Nov 2012   /   Exhibition@Nest

Exhibition, November 15 2012, 20.00 hrs

Niels Bierens
Lucille Bos
Isabel Cavenecia
Samira Damato
Gitte Hendrikx
Lisa Hoffmann
Rachel Howard
Louis van Iterson
Laura de Jong
Biljana Kanevche
Vicky Kooman
Esther Langford
Alexandra Martens
Thamar Martin
Leslie Nagel
Chloë Neeleman
Samara Mitri Saade
Santeri Taurula
Nika Volkova
Anna de Vries
Chloe Whittaker
Abel Wolff

Curated by Eelco van der Lingen

One evening a year Nest is home to students of the Royal Academy of Arts. They create an exhibition that responds to the theme of a Nesting project.
In this case, the students´ exhibition is related to the exhibition How Art Things? They are given an oppurtunity to respond to the world inwhich they will soon enter, and in addition, respond to their fear of social rejection or their hopes for acceptation and fame.



Thanks to

Gemeente Den Haag
Hizkia van Kralingen

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