Artist Talk Philip Akkerman with Michiel van Nieuwkerk

28 Jan 2023    20:00   /   Artist Talk@Nest

During Nest’s 15th anniversary, you are welcome to join the conversation between Michiel van Nieuwkerk, who created the 100-part series “Dutch Masters of the 21st Century“, and Philip Akkerman.

Initially, Akkerman captures himself as you would expect a self-portrait to do, with a glance in the mirror to check that everything is correct. Gradually, the painting becomes more important than the mirror image. At first, the concept – the choice to make self-portraits for the rest of his life – is also more important than the execution. Gradually, he becomes more and more concerned with making a “beautiful painting. We first watch the 10-minute mini docu and the conversation follows.

Saturday January 28
20.00 – 21.00
Free entry

This program is part of 15 Years of Nest


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