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Artist talk & workshop

30 Jul 2022    16:00   /   Artist Talk & Workshop@Nest

During the last weekend of ‘every moment a junction’ you are welcome to an artist talk with artist hugo x tibiriçá and curator Orlando Maaike Gouwenberg. On Saturday July 30 at 4pm the conversation starts, followed by a workshop at 4.30 pm departing from the work ‘chosen familiy’, part of the exhibition.

The workshop by hugo x tibiriçá is a ritual to celebrate the possibility of choosing your family: through conversations with each other, embodied and creative exercises, a ritual of transformation will be created in which each of the participants can choose to become a member of each other’s chosen family – if only for the duration of the workshop.

chosen family – workshop ritual
hugo: ‘We can all choose our own family – and in fact many of us do: by coming together with a partner, for example. Within queer communities, the idea of chosen families is common, often losing touch with their biological families due to homophobia and transphobia. The ability to choose your own family is a political act and a miracle; and yet losing touch with the people you grew up with – with all the (little) things about each of them that you like(d) and may miss – is also accompanied by grief and mourning.’

Date: Saturday 30th of July
Time: 4 pm artist talk, 4.30 – 6 pm workshop
Ticket: free, register via link
Language: English


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