Do I dare disturb the universe?

12 Apr 2019    18:00   /   Educatie@Nest

Presentation educational program, April 12 2019, 18.00

Participating students: Emma, Ellie, Felice, Saskia, Luke, Igor, Drew, Chardae, Abigail, Claire, Flo

An educational experiment where photography students of The American School of the Hague were guided within their artistic process by artists Gino Anthonisse, Anouk van Klaveren, Dewi Bekker.

In collaboration with the American School of The Hague (ASH), Nest has developed an educational program in which students are guided by professionals from the arts in their artistic process within the context of the current exhibition in Nest ‘History is His Story’. This group exhibition elaborates on the mythical world described by musician, poet and visionary Sun Ra. The photography students of ASH are invited by Nest to further develop their own visual work and to take a first step towards  professionalization. Under the guidance of the artists, the students researched the underlying relationships in meaning and context within a group exhibition by means of activating working methods. Inspired by themes and questions brought up by Sun Ra in the current exhibition, the students reflect on the notion of storytelling and how narratives can be written, altered and reconstructed both individually as collectively. Nest aims to introduce and cultivate contemporary art thinking that is more accessible to a younger audience: namely secondary school students through reason, articulation and action.

Over a period of two months, the artists in their role as mentor have guided the students in giving constructive feedback, which has led to their works that temporarily become part of the group exhibition ‘History is His Story’ with their presentation on the 12th of April.


This program is part of History is His Story

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