Black Achievement Month

10 Oct 2020    15:00   /   Nest@CBK Zuidoost

Black Achievement Month will definitely proceed this year, albeit in a small-scale form. CBK Zuidoost will once again take part with an art café as part of the exhibition: A Fair Share of Utopia.

Moderator Nicole Terborg will talk to writer Vamba Sherif and journalist Clarice Gargard. They answer the central question from the exhibition A Fair Share of Utopia: can you put your own interests aside and really fight for a better world in the interest of future generations, or is it easier if you imagine yourself to be part of that unknown future?

Art Café Black Achievement Month: A Fair Share of Utopia
Date: Saturday 10 October
Walk in: 14:30 hrs
Start time: 15.00 hours
End time: 16:30

Free entrance

Sign up: at the art cafe on 10 October.
Registration until 8 October at the latest!
There is room for a maximum of 15 people.

This program is part of A Fair Share of Utopia

Thanks to

Gemeente Den Haag
Stroom Den Haag
Bank Giro Loterij
Prins Bernard Cultuur Fonds

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