Boat ride and guided tour

11 Jun 2016    11:00   /   Event@Nest

Together with Pulchri Studio, Nest organises a special way to visit two thematically related exhibtions in The Hague.

At 11.00 am a boat leaves from the Hooikade to the Westermolens for a visit and a guided tour by the curator through Trespassages at Nest. At 1 pm the boat returns to the Hooikade for a visit and a tour through Refugee Art: Perception and Reality at Pulchri. Here, some of the participating artists will talk about their work in a conversation led by Rainer Bullhorst.


Starting point: Hooikade
€ 10,- including consumption (payment in cash before departure)
Reservation is needed! Due to a limited amount of places on the boat, we kindly ask you to let us know if you want to come along before Thursday June 9.

This program is part of Trespassages


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