Breathing Piece

13 Oct 2019    14:00   /   Performance@Zaal 3

Breathing Piece can be described as a performative installation in which a new form of transmission is presented.

The effect of emotions – within the framework of the theatre and the framework of music – is approached, connected and exposed in an unusual and radical way.

Within this performative installation, these two worlds – in their differences and similarities in the approach to emotionality – come together, in an attempt to reinforce each other’s emotional pretensions towards the spectator/listener in a radical and innovative way.

Calm down.

Take a deeeep breath, babe.
Everything will be fine.
I promise.
Don’t you worry.
It’s allright.

(long silence)



Concept, play and composition: Anthony van Gog and Maarten Heijnens
Conductor: Michael Rein

Prior to the performance a guided tour will be held in the exhibition MYBODY.COM at Nest

Guided tour MYBODY.COM at Nest, 14.00 h
Performance Breathing Piece at Zaal 3, 15.00 h

Tickets via Zaal 3

This program is part of MYBODY.COM

Thanks to

Gemeente Den Haag
Stroom Den Haag
Zaal 3

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