Building Conversation

18 Sep 2020    15:30   /   Nest@CBK Zuidoost

On Friday 18 September CBK Zuidoost, in collaboration with Building Conversation, is organising the first public programme around the exhibition A Fair Share of Utopia.
On two occasions, the public will enter into a lively conversation about the content of this exhibition and the central question:

Can you put your own interests aside and really fight for a better world in the interest of future generations, or is it easier if you imagine yourself to be part of that unknown future?

Do you want to participate?
Then register no later than Wednesday 16 September with Sharda Balgobind:
A maximum of 15 people can participate per round.

Part 1: 1.5 hours
15:30: walk-in CBK Zuidoost
16:00: start with the Vlak
16:45/17:00: Visual Thinking Strategy and the conversation for two
17:30 end / break
(almost full!)

Part 2: 1.5 hours
17:45: walk-in CBK Zuidoost
18:00: start with the Vlak
18:45/19:00: Visual Thinking Strategy and The conversation for two
19:30 end

We conclude with a small drink.

Building Conversation
Building Conversation is a platform for dialogical art that focuses on the encounter between art, conversation and society.

Within the dialogical art movement, which originated in the 1970s, the conversation itself is staged as a work of art. In the light of this politically engaged art practice, Building Conversation develops performances inspired by existing conversation practices from all over the world; from indigenous communities in New Zealand and Canada, to Occupy, Facebook and the root network of trees. See also: for an overview of the conversations that Building Conversation has developed over the past six years.

This program is part of A Fair Share of Utopia

Thanks to

Gemeente Den Haag
Stroom Den Haag
Bank Giro Loterij
Prins Bernard Cultuur Fonds

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