17 Sep 2022    13:00   /   Festival@Nest

DCR OPEN is back, and it will be on 17 September 2022! Although absent for a long time, the artists in the many studios were not. Always behind closed doors, they breed new ideas that then find their way into presentation. Now is the time to peek inside studios, see the makerspaces and dirty cups of coffee or pick up lapsed to-do lists, question the many creatives about making processes or the weather. All doors are open, venture into workshops on the lawn, discover performances in the furthest corners of the building, lay yourself horizontally during the many screenings or follow a tour guide in and around the building. In short, experience the many facets of DCR and celebrate the many faces that keep this place warm.

DCR studios are open from 13:00 to 20:00, the programme runs until 22:00. Music, entertainment, hospitality, drinks and food will be in abundance.

DCR OPEN 2022 timetable
More details about the program and studio tours in the coming weeks here.

DCR OPEN is an initiative of Nest, Room 3, CLOUD At Danslab, Studio Loos, Rewire, House of Poems and the independent makers of creative incubator the DCR.

This program is part of Non-Profit At All Cost

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