De Grote Culturele Netwerkcompetitie 2023

22 Sep 2023    17:00   /   Event@Nest

After the succes of the past editions, ‘The Great Cultural Network Competition’ (DGCNC) will take place for the third time on Friday September 22 in The Hague. DGCNC is a the table football tournament for cultural institutions in The Hague, a collaboration between Unfair and Nest.

DGCNC has been hosted by Unfair at the beginning of each cultural season since 2017. During DGCNC, cultural institutions meet behind the football tables and at the same time have the opportunity to converse with other parties along the sidelines.

17:00h – welcome
18.00-21.30 – competition (or 22:00 in case of delays)

This event is made possible by Down the Rabbit Hole and Signed Reclamemakers .


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Down the Rabbit Hole

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