De rol van kunstinstellingen in een veranderende samenleving

3 Mar 2018    10:00   /   Interview@Nest

Project Manager: Manon Braat

Nest started in March 2017 with a study into the motives and conditions of people to participate in art and culture. Nest’s aim is to find ways to make visual art accessible and meaningful to more people, with different backgrounds, to operate more inclusive, from more cultural angles and with an eye for underexposed stories.

On 3rd of March, we will look back with stakeholders and interested parties on a year in which we have learned and tried a lot, and will discuss concrete ways in which art institutions can find a better connection with the changing society.

An afternoon of interviews and conversations with Simone Zeefuik, Imara Limon, Fiep van Bodegom, Fatima Akchar, Mariette Dölle, Poernima Gobardhan and many others. The debate is alternated with a tour of the solo exhibition Infinity in De Electriciteitsfabriek, a visit to Another Dimension in Nest and a short performance by Shah Tabibi. The performance is a promo of his performance Shah of Holland, with which he will tour Dutch theatres in 2018. Lunch will be provided by Leonore’s Catering.


10.30 Walk-in with coffee & tea

11.00 Welcome speech

11.10 Mariette Dölle interviews Simone Zeefuik about language use in the cultural sector

11.40 Mariette Dölle interviews Imara Limon about the role of cultural identity in creating and experiencing art presentations.

12.10 Mariette Dölle interviews Fatima Akchar about involving young people in art and culture and the function of role models.

12.40 Lunch Leonore’s Catering + viewing exhibition Zoro Feigl ‘Infinity’ in the Electricity Factory

13.40 Presentation Cemil Yilmaz of Izi-Solutions on diversity and inclusion in the cultural sector

13.55 Discussion led by Fiep van Bodegom with Poernima Gobardhan, Steven ten Thije, Marga Weimans and Ilias Mahtab

15.25 Marleen Hartjes explains the STUDIO I initiative of the Stedelijk Museum and the Van Abbe Museum

15.40 Promo performance Shah van Holland; play and direction: Shah Tabibi & Raphael Rodan, accompanied by guitarists Niek Hoevenaars and Rik Strengers, artistic direction: Anat Ratzabi

16.00-17.00 Drink in Nest

Date: 3 March 2018
Time: walk-in 10.30 hours, start program 11.00 hours, end program 16.30 hours.
Location: Theatre Room 3, De Constant Rebecqueplein 20A (next to Nest), The Hague
Admission: € 7,50 including lunch

Number of cards is limited and are available via Room 3


This program is part of Another Dimension & Infinity


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