Dive into the future

15 Mar 2019    20:00   /   Lezing@Nest

Dive into the future is a performance lecture in which Arna Mačkić, whose way of thinking and working is formed by Sun Ra, takes you on a journey through his inspiring body of thought. With the exhibition History is His Story as a décor, Mačkić goes through seven phases – flight, adaptation, memory, promise, leap, confrontation and hope – and talks about this with Sun Ra. The transition from one phase to another, where we are at all times and where we can position ourselves in relation to others and in society. With Sun Ra as a teacher, methods are offered to dive into the future with a new version of the past in mind.

This program is part of History is His Story

Thanks to

Gemeente Den Haag
Stroom Den Haag
Fonds 1818
Down the Rabbit Hole
Tulsa Artist Fellowship

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