Philosophical lecture ‘History is his story’

28 Feb 2019    20:00   /   Lezing@Nest

History is His Story’ is a group exhibition in Nest that builds on the mythical world described by musician, poet and visionary Sun Ra (1914 – 1993). The artists who participate in this project share their interest in creating new mythologies or reinterpreting existing ones.

Just like Sun Ra, philosopher Clara Bolle has a love for mythology. In this lecture she discusses the role and function of mythology from a Western philosophical perspective. She takes the story of the Odysseus as a guideline.

Clara Bolle: “From the very beginning of humanity, we have been telling ourselves myths, stories, about where we come from, who we are and where we are going. A well-known story from Greek mythology is Homer’s Odyssey. During the many wanderings at sea Odysseus yearns strongly back to his home, Ithaka, the country he comes from, to a home, a place of resourcing.

Clara Bolle (*1985) graduated cum laude in philosophy and art and cultural sciences. She regularly publishes essays at the intersection of philosophy, art and literature. She also writes poems and makes illustrations. She has worked as a philosophy teacher for various educational institutions.

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