Finissage How Rest the Brave

25 Mar 2022    19:00   /   Finissage@Nest

Please join us on Friday March 25 for the festive finissage of How Rest the Brave, from 19.00 hrs.

The performance Lie down: a prelude is based on the publication As long as there is time to sleep (2016) offering different points of entry into the fluctuating textures of sleep. What does a sleeping being become against the backdrop of a world that is lit 24 hours? What does this state of repose mean when there is no time to pause? What lullaby can one sing?

The nine artists in How Rest the Brave explore how rest is used as a form of resistance against the growing profit society, which is becoming less equal by the minute. The astonishing, unimaginable reality is that nothing of capitalist value can be withdrawn from rest, dreaming, sleeping, and napping. This exhibition invites you to dream away and reflect on the values and limits of so-called ‘lost time’.

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