Hours of my mind

12 Mar 2022    19:30   /   Educatie@Nest

Participating students: Camilla, Chardae, Charlotte, Emily, Famke, Francesca, Hannah, Juliette, Julie, Michelle

An educational experiment where photography students of The American School of The Hague were guided within their artistic process by artist the artist collective Das Leben am Haverkamp. Within the context of the current exhibition ‘How Rest the Brave’, photography students from the American School of the Hague worked to create the presentation ‘Hours of my mind’.

The photography students were guided by Dewi Bekker and Anouk van Klaveren in their artistic process to create new work responding to the theme of the exhibition. The international group exhibition ‘How Rest the Brave’ explores how rest is used as a form of resistance against the growing profit society and invites reflection on the values and limits of so-called ‘lost time’.

The students of ASH were invited by Nest to further develop their own visual work and to take a first step towards  professionalization. Inspired by the themes and the questions brought up by this exhibition, the students reflect on today’s notions of time and on the different time experiences that relate to rest, laziness and productivity in connection with their personal experiences. The students examined the underlying relationships in meaning and context within a group exhibition by means of activating working methods. Nest aims to introduce and cultivate contemporary art thinking that is more accessible to a younger audience, namely secondary school students, developing specific educational formats together with various institutions, such as The American School of The Hague, in which contemporary artists and thinkers are invited to provide guidance and step into the men­tor’s role in the process of creation and contextualization.

During the months of February and March 2022, Dewi Bekker and Anouk van Klaveren took the role of mentors, guiding the students and giving constructive feedback. This results in the presentation ‘Hours of my mind’ with the students’ new works on Saturday, March 12, at Nest.

Event for invitees only.

Image: Chardae

This program is part of How Rest the Brave

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