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I Beg to Differ – Protest

20 Oct 2020    20:00   /   Debat@Nest

We all disagree from time to time, but can we put our own beliefs aside for the greater good? Nest and Zaal 3 start with ‘I Beg to Differ’, a new monthly debate program in The Hague in which thinkers, creators and dreamers discuss current issues. 

Every 3rd Tuesday of the month I Beg to Differ dives into a hot topic, a new trend or just that what is present subcutaneously in the city. Together with inspirational creators and thinkers, we investigate for example Het Malieveld and the state of protest there, the consequences of the lack of nightlife due to Covid19, or the richness and problems that the many languages spoken in The Hague bring. The guests each contribute in the form of a column, lecture or performance.  Join and let your voice be heard during I Beg to Differ.

I Beg to Differ – Protest*
Tuesday 20 October we will focus on Het Malieveld and the protests that have taken place in recent months. In the summer of 2020, the dissatisfaction in the society on the streets manifested itself to a large extent. From left to right, from the Black Lives Matter movement to organizations like ‘Viruswaanzin’, from climate activists to farmers: people gathered and raised the signs high. What motivates people to get up from behind their laptops and smartphones and go out into Het Malieveld with cardboard signs? This evening we’ll discuss humanitarian issues, around BLM, the migration debate and freedom of speech.

With these four guests we look at the above mentioned issues in the art sector and beyond:
Romana Vrede (Theater maker and writer)
Sahar Shirzad (Founder of The Refugee Millennial series),
Willem de Haan (Conceptual artist)
Zaire Krieger (Journalist and spoken word artist)

*This program is in Dutch.
Keep an eye upon the next editions of I Beg to Differ, it will be varied in Dutch and English.

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This program is part of A Fair Share of Utopia

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