I Beg to Differ – Another Way In

18 Jan 2022    20:00   /   Debat@Nest

Every 3rd Tuesday of the month, I Beg to Differ delves into a hot topic, a new phenomenon, or just what is going on under the surface in the city. This edition you can listen in on the online panel discussion ‘I Beg to Differ – Another Way in’ on Tuesday 18 January 2022 at 20:00.

The cultural sector is seen as a home for a multitude of stories.  This belief is deeply rooted in the institutions and individual practices that make up the sector in all its diversity. But which perspectives are lacking? In recent years, the call for diversity in the cultural sector has been growing, but who are the people that are opening up access to the sector.  During “I Beg To Differ – Another Way In,” different strategies will be explored and questioned, that broaden access to the sector and what it means to give new stories a place.

Our panel consists of the following inspiring voices:
Rashida Boukhizou (HUIS Voor Makers, Prins27/Koorenhuis)
Omar Imam (Kunstenaar)
Shailoh Phillips (Salwa Foundation)

The conversation will be moderated by Dean Bowen

Tuesday January 19
Language: English

Image: Soft Turbo
Video productie: MILLK
Mink Pinster – director
Wessel Verster – camera operator
Michiel de Boer – audio technician
Rozemarijn van der West – assistant director

This program is part of How Rest the Brave

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Gemeente Den Haag
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