In dialogue with Fred Sandback: The measurement of space x LOOS

10 Jul – 2 Aug 2020   /   Dialoog@Nest

Sandback creates captivating spatial situations, keeping the viewers experience at the center of his artistic practice. In response to the exhibition, artists, performers, dancers and musicians working from different creative disciplines and sources, provide interpretations of their intimate encounters with the void. The first interpretation is made by Studio LOOS.

Studio LOOS – Listening to Sandback

LOOS represents a new musical idiom and a relationship between music and society. Since the late 1980’s LOOS initiated, generated and developed an extensive and impressive repertoire of contemporary music.

For ‘The measurement of space’ LOOS recorded the void. The smallest vibrations of Sandback’s strings are translated into interactive electronic music based on sensory input from eight small speakers spread across the exhibition space. Looping silence into a new composition.

This program is part of Fred Sandback: The measurement of space

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